Common Concerns

Being in college can be an overwhelming experience at times. Even though you are surrounded by resources and people, unexpected problems can leave you feeling alone and unprepared. You may not even realize what services are available to you.

Whatever you're struggling with, you are not alone. We've gathered a list of concerns we hear about often, along with some suggestions for how to cope with these problems. We also have a variety of self-help books in our office, so feel free to come by and browse through them. If after reading through the resources provided you find that you would like more help or direction, please call us and set up an appointment. There may be other university or community programs we can connect you with, or you may find that meeting with a counselor could be beneficial.

Above all, remember there is help available.


Learn what anxiety is and ways you can cope with anxiety.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can come in many forms, we are here to support you finding treatment.

Coping with Tragedy

Tragedy comes in many different forms; it's important to always remember you are not alone when faced with a tragedy.

Coping with Breakups

Successful intimate relationships often take on added significance during college. Learn ways you can cope and care for yourself.

Coping with the Unexpected

The "unexpected" can take many forms. Learn how to keep things in perspective and develop a game plan.


Each person may experience a depressive state differently and that's ok. Learn what can help and resources to support you.

Coping with Loss

Loss can come in many different forms. It is not uncommon to have difficulties coping with loss after the passing of a loved one. Learn what can help.

Unhealthy Relationships

Many people want healthy relationships in their lives, but defining a healthy relationship can be difficult. Lean what can help.


There are different kinds of loneliness. Learn where it comes from and what can help.


Lacking motivation or avoiding tasks can come from a variety of sources; learn what can help.


There are many different things that can cause us to be stressed. Stress is normal and there are a number of things you can do to help.

Suicidal Ideation

Having suicidal thoughts is not uncommon and you are not alone if you have them. We are here for you 24-7; please reach out. 

Trouble Sleeping

Sleep is essential to good mental and physical health, but stress and pre-bedtime habits can make it harder to get enough rest.

Coping with Change

Change can come in many forms. Change can often be difficult to handle because it makes us feel uncomfortable and possibly vulnerable; learn what can help.

Alcohol and Substance Use

You don't have to be an alcoholic or an addict to experience negative effects from the use of alcohol and or drugs. Learn about resources to support you.