Suicidal Ideation

What is it?

Having suicidal thoughts is not uncommon and you are not alone if you have them. In a year, around 5-10% of students will report having thoughts of suicide. People have these thoughts for many different reasons. Sometimes they can come from a place of self-hatred, as a solution to problems, a way to no longer feel like a burden, or as an end to insufferable pain. Suicidal thoughts are often a sign that something about a person’s life needs to change, but this does not require ending one’s life.

What can help?

Intense emotional stress can often blind people to alternative solutions to suicide, but there are many available. There are many people to help you find alternatives to suicide. The Counseling Center has resources available 24-7 to support you. There are also additional on-campus resources available to you.

Counseling Center

After-hours Support and Crisis Line

Office of the Dean of Students

University Health Center