Commitment to Multiculturalism

Counseling Services affirms, honors, respects, and celebrates diversity in the broadest sense including age, body size and shape, differing abilities, gender, ethnicity, nationality, outward appearance, political ideology, race, religious and spiritual beliefs, sexual and affectual orientation, and socioeconomic class. We are devoted to confronting discrimination, oppression, and prejudice in all of their many forms. As we work toward a more inclusive university community, we strive for the preservation and protection of fundamental human rights. 

We recognize the need to continually change ourselves and influence others to understand and promote multiculturalism. Therefore, Counseling Services seeks to maintain an atmosphere of respect and trust which encourages both students and staff members to explore, challenge, and discuss their own beliefs, biases, values, and behaviors with respect and safety. Together, we support our individual and collective growth as a multicultural agency with the knowledge that this ongoing process will allow us to embrace our differences and strengthen our community.

Support During a Pandemic of Racism

Many of us are experiencing a range of emotions with the recent and ongoing racial injustices and violence toward Black people, AAPI people, and other people of color. We know this is taking a psychological toll on us as individuals and as a community. Please reach out if you need support. We stand with you.

Also, the Counseling Services staff wants to explicitly and unequivocally express our solidarity and support of our Black students, colleagues, and community members on campus, in Eugene/Springfield, and across the globe. Black lives matter. It is important to say this and name this as a recognition of the historical and systemic oppression and loss of life experienced by our Black community. The low number of Black community members within the state of Oregon reflects the severe, negative, and long-term impacts of violent and racist practices. There is no denying history. There is no forgetting of lives lost. We are here to be part of the change. We are here as a community. We are here as Ducks. If one of us is hurting, all of us are hurting.