Substance Use

Students can be tasked with making important decisions about their substance use on and off campus. Whether you're curious about how much you're using a substance, having difficulties in school and life because of your use, or seeking support in recovery from substance use—we're here to help!

UO offers many resources for alcohol and other drugs including prevention courses, clinical services, treatment referrals, and recovery support. 

The mission of Alcohol and Other Drug Services at Counseling Services is to provide short term assessment, consultative, and supportive therapy services to university students navigating substance use and misuse and to provide holistic support services and community building opportunities for students in recovery from substance use disorders. All of our alcohol and other drug services use a non-judgmental harm reduction and motivational enhancement approach. When appropriate, we help students make value-oriented goals regarding substance use and plan for success in enacting those goals. We also have a case manager on staff to assist with community referrals as needed. See below for more details about the specific alcohol and drug services provided through Counseling Services. 

Alcohol and Drug Appointment Information

Alcohol and drug appointments for students are scheduled by calling (541-346-3227) or visiting Counseling Services. Voluntary alcohol and drug services are covered by student health fees. 

Alcohol and Drug Sessions

Alcohol and drug sessions are brief assessment, intervention, and follow-up appointments for Counseling Services clients with high risk substance use and/or concerns related to their substance use. Clients may be currently seeing a Counseling Services therapist for ongoing therapy, may have attended a clinical consult appointment, or may be seeking a consult with no other Counseling Services appointments in the past. 

Alcohol and Drug Consults

Students, faculty, staff, and family members can speak to an alcohol and drug specialist for help supporting a UO student with substance use concerns. Support can include discussing ways for starting conversations with the student, how to locate resources, and how to support the student as their use continues or escalates. Counseling Services does not provide confidential information about UO students accessing our services. 

CHOICES Appointment Information

Students who have been mandated to complete CHOICES sessions must call the Counseling Services front desk (541-346-3227) to schedule their initial session/group session. Additionally, prior to attending the session/group, students must complete an online Electronic Check-Up To Go assessment. The CHOICES Program (mandated alcohol and drug services) incur an additional charge due to specialized material use. No content from CHOICES appointments is shared with referring office, but if needed, students can make specific requests for Attendance Verification from Counseling Services front desk following a CHOICES appointment.


CHOICES is a mandated substance use intervention consisting of a single group session or series of individual meetings with an alcohol and other drugs specialist. This program utilizes evidence-based college-student-targeted intervention practices of personalized feedback, brief motivational interventions, substance education, and goal setting. Students may be assigned to complete CHOICES 1, 2, or 3.

  • CHOICES 1: Single session group of six to eight participants. This group intervention highlights reflection, psychoeducation, and planning for lower risk substance use. 
  • CHOICES 2: Two sessions including an initial assessment of substance use with motivational enhancement and goal setting and a follow-up session with similar themes. 
  • CHOICES 3: Three or four sessions including an initial assessment of substance use with motivational enhancement and goal setting and two or three follow-up sessions with similar themes. May include recommendations/references for specialized substance use disorder treatment. 

Campus Resources

University Health Services—Stop by the pharmacy and/or speak with a primary care provider about your options for tobacco cessation. Call 541-346-2770 or visit your myUOHealth Portal. 

UO Required Prevention Course—An online prevention course offered through 3rd Millennium Classroom which includes the following four modules: Alcohol-Wise, Consent and Respect, Cannabis-Wise, and Other Drugs. Please contact the UO Dean of Students for more information. 

Recovery Support

The Collegiate Recovery Center (CRC) delivers peer support services to students experiencing substance use issues and provides opportunities for individuals to develop relationships within the recovery community. Through individual consults, group sessions, support meetings, and recovery events, the center helps students achieve their personal goals for recovery.

The CRC welcomes all students at the University of Oregon regardless of their sobriety status. We recognize the many pathways by which recovery is pursued and value all forms of recovery. Whether students choose to attend 12-step groups, seek treatment in the wider community, or are interested in exploring lifestyle changes that reduce substance use, we can help. We are a member of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, and our staff have lived experience in recovery and are Oregon-certified addiction professionals.

To book an appointment, visit the CRC bookings page.

Treatment Referrals

Do you think substance use treatment may be the best option for you or someone else? Here are some options in the Eugene community. 

Serenity Lane
4211 West 11th Ave., Eugene, OR

Willamette Family, Inc.
149 W. 12th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401

Rapid Access Center (part of Willamette Family Treatment Services)
195 W. 12th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401

White Bird Opioid Treatment Program