Students sometimes struggle with concerns internally, mulling them over in their minds trying to sort out possible solutions to their dilemmas. They may talk things over with family and friends in their support system, but sometimes that may not be enough. Individual therapy can be a good option for addressing these concerns. What happens in therapy depends on the unique needs and strengths of each person seeking assistance. Each therapy experience is unique, just as every individual is unique.

All Counseling Center appointments are scheduled as soon as possible given each student’s availability, concerns, and resources.

Initial Brief Assessment

All our clinical services typically begin with a brief in-person assessment. During your brief assessment, the therapist will ask you questions and help you decide on next steps. This could include exploring options for individual therapy, referral to a campus or community resource, meeting with one of our group therapy leaders, or a combination of these.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Typically, the first few sessions are spent clarifying the problem and examining what solutions have already been tried. This process assists the therapist in determining which theraputic approach might be most helpful to you. Once you clarify your issues, you and the therapist will identify therapy goals.

During individual sessions, you will work with your therapist to address your concerns. Often, the process involves learning and practicing new problem-solving or coping skills, increasing self-understanding, exploring life patterns, and gaining a better sense of how you are influenced by your surroundings.

Community Referrals

Referrals to a community therapist might be appropriate if it seems a student would benefit from long-term therapy, the concerns presented require an expertise or treatment approach not available at the Counseling Center, or if there is a waitlist for ongoing sessions and a student’s needs are time sensitive. If a referral is indicated, the Counseling Center work closely with the student to identify resources, community therapists, or clinics that would be a good match in regards to the needs and financial resources of the student. We gladly assist students with contacting community therapists and agencies to set up first appointments.

Missed Appointment Fee 

There is a $25 missed appointment or late-cancellation fee. All appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled by 1:00 p.m. the day before an appointment—or by 1:00 p.m. on Friday for a Monday appointment—to avoid these charges. A missed appointment fee may also be incurred if arriving late results in a canceled or rescheduled appointment. Missed appointment and late-cancellation fees will be billed to the student’s UO account. The policy applies to in-person assessments, individual sessions, as well as mandated appointments.