If you ever need assistance in helping a student, please call us for a consultation. A consultation with a therapist can help you identify the next steps, appropriate resources, and services for your student. You can always refer students to us if they are facing mental health related barriers to academic success.

Mental Health and Academics

Supporting Students in Distress

As a member of UO faculty and staff, you have the unique position of observing students in distress and offering assistance. Sometimes, struggling students cannot or will not ask for help; your expression of concern could save an academic career or even a life. 

Assisting Students

Mental Health Resources for Faculty Staff

The Counseling Center is funded by student fees and as such does not provide counseling services to faculty and staff. However, you can access counseling services through UO's Employee Assistance Program. UO partners with Cascade Centers, Inc. to provide you with therapists and other resources.

Employee Assistance Program