Suicide Concerns

If you believe a student of yours may be having suicidal thoughts, use these guidelines to help you assess the situation and decide on next steps. If you need assistance or if you have any questions please call Counseling Services at 541-346-3227. After hours you will be connected to the After-Hours Support and Crisis Line.


SIGNS—Look for actions, thoughts, feeling, or physical evidence of suicidal intent. This may include statements of hopelessness, worthlessness, extreme sadness, or numbness.
ASK—Ask directly about students’ thoughts about suicide. Be specific. Don’t ask if they are thinking about harming themselves since there are many non-lethal ways to harm oneself. Ask, “Are you thinking about killing yourself?” (Asking the question will not put the idea in their head)
FIND OUT—Determine the need for immediate assistance. Have they made a plan? If so, more immediate action is warranted.
ENLIST—Involve other people who can provide care and support. Call or walk them to Counseling Services or other listed resource. Consult with one of our counselors at 541-346-3227.
REPORT—File a Suicide Concern Form with the university to initiate professional follow-up, or contact the Office of the Dean of Students to let them know you are concerned about a student. The report is especially helpful for students at risk of suicide who are reluctant to seek professional help.