Confidential Records Requests

You may wish to have your confidential psychological records provided to a party outside the Counseling Center or to receive a copy yourself. To release this information, you must sign a Release of Information form and provide us with contact information for the intended recipient of your records. Records are typically delivered by fax or mail. If you are currently in therapy discuss this release with your therapist. Otherwise, call our front desk at 541-346-3227, or come by the Counseling Center in person to sign the release form. Once we have a signed release from you, it generally takes 10–14 business days to process your records request.

Financial Aid and Academic Petition Letters

In some instances, students choose to petition for exceptions to academic or financial aid policies and require verification of related mental health concerns. We are happy to work with students to provide these letters whenever appropriate. To be able to provide a substantive letter, a student must have participated in ongoing therapy services during the time period in question. We are unable to verify difficulties experienced when a student was not actively in therapy. Please notify your former therapist or, if unavailable, our front desk staff of your request and we will see what we can do to help.  

Students With Disabilities 

We are happy to help students seeking documentation of mental health related disabilities. The Accessible Education Center is the campus office responsible for coordinating accommodations related to documented disabilities. We recommend scheduling an appointment with them to discuss what types of documentation are required. In some instances, a letter from a therapist is needed to confirm a condition. A student must have participated, or be actively participating, in on-going therapy at the Counseling Center in order for us to appropriately assess the situation and provide such a letter. Please don't hesitate to ask questions about this process. You can talk with your therapist or call 541-346-3227 to speak with our staff. 

Academic Accommodations

Sometimes students come to the Counseling Center requesting a letter of support because they are not doing well in one or more classes. Typically they would like us to provide a letter for an instructor, department, or supervisor verifying they have personal problems which have interfered with their performance. We can only do this in certain situations. 

Personal problems do at times interfere with the ability to concentrate on academic work, and we hope to be supportive of students facing difficulties in whatever ways are appropriate. However, our therapists cannot confirm difficulties or issues about which they have no prior knowledge. If students have not participated in therapy at the Counseling Center, we can typically only provide a letter that verifies attendance. Such a letter would include very basic information such as the number of sessions attended and a statement explaining that no recommendation can be offered regarding the student’s academic status or ability to perform.

We strongly encourage students to seek assistance early, before personal problems interfere with their academic progress. Therapists are better able to write supportive letters if students have been participating in therapy. Please talk with your therapist if you are experiencing personal difficulties that you believe are negatively affecting your academic performance. 

Talk To Your Instructors 

It is natural to feel uncomfortable talking to instructors about academic difficulties stemming from personal or psychological concerns. Often, students will avoid communicating their difficulties out of personal discomfort until the situation worsens or becomes a crisis. Unfortunately, this means instructors often do not learn of a student's difficulties until it is too late to address the problem successfully. We strongly encourage you to talk to course instructors as soon as you realize personal, emotional, and psychological issues are interfering with your academic progress. While there are no guarantees instructors will be able to resolve your academic difficulties, instructors can better help with your success when they are informed early. Counseling Center staff can also assist students in identifying effective ways to communicate with instructors about personal and psychological difficulties.

Talk To A Therapist

If you are struggling to manage personal difficulties and to keep up with your academic work, we are here to support you. Please call the Counseling Center at 541-346-3227. For more information about accessing our services, visit our counseling and services page.