How To Help

Our friends are some of the most important people in our lives. We are often relied upon to support someone when they are going through a difficult time.

Counseling Services offers free consultation if you would like to discuss your concerns and how you can support to your friend. Contact Counseling Services at 541-346-3227.

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

If a friend or someone you know tells you they have experienced sexual harassment, including sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, gender-based harassment or bullying, and stalking, it may be hard to know what to say. The SAFE website has resources and information that can help you support them.

SAFE Website

Someone Who May Have Suicidal Thoughts or Ideation

If you believe someone you know may be having suicidal thoughts, use these guidelines to help you assess the situation and decide on next steps. If you need assistance or have questions, call Counseling Services or the After–Hours Support and Crisis Line at 541-346-3227.


  • Talk with your friend in private where you both feel comfortable and able to talk openly.
  • Approach the conversation with compassion and avoiding judgement.
  • Speak directly and honestly and share your concern for their welfare.
  • Directly ask them if they are thinking about suicide. Asking this question won't increase their risk.
  • Attempt to identify the problem and explore options to deal with the problem.
  • Convey realistic hope that underlying problems or issues can be resolved.
  • Let your friend know that effective help is available on campus.


  • Don't ignore behavior or changes that concern you.
  • Don't minimize the situation or depth of feeling.
  • Don't over commit yourself and not be able to deliver on promises.
  • Don't promise to keep what they say a secret. You may need to get help and support.

Report a Concern