Wellness Campaigns

Counseling Services partners with colleagues, departments, and student groups across campus to promote mental health and wellbeing. Our recurring events, campaigns, and outreach programming focus on destigmatizing the topic of mental health, encouraging self-care, and bringing awareness to some of the wellness issues our campus community faces. 

Stress Less Week

Academics can be stressful for many of us, especially toward the end of the term. Stress Less is designed to create opportunities for you to explore different ways to practice self-care and find techniques to de-stress during some of the hardest parts of the year. These events are hosted during week 10 of fall, winter, and spring terms. Everyone manages the stress of classes differently, but we are here to support you through those times.

All Sizes Fit

All Sizes Fit is a positive body image campaign that aims to increase body positivity and acceptance and decrease the social pressures associated with obtaining an "ideal body." All Sizes Fit focuses on three principles:

  • Attention: Be in touch with your body and its signals. Your body is excellent at regulating and letting you know what it needs in order to perform optimally.
  • Appreciation: Appreciate everything your body allows you to do and the pleasure it provides. It is because of your body that you can engage in the activities you love and enjoy what life has to offer.
  • Acceptance: Accept all the assets you have rather than longing for what you do not. Much of your body composition is predetermined by your genetics.

It embraces the Health at Every Size philosophy which focuses on healthy eating and daily activity instead of weight loss. Instead of dieting or focusing on a specific weight, we encourage: regular activity that is enjoyable, stress management, and healthy emotional awareness and coping.

All Sizes Fit includes an art show, with Duck Store gift certificates awarded for the top creations. For more information, contact Mariko Lin, assistant director and education and prevention outreach director.

2021 All Sizes Fit Virtual Art Show

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM) is nationally recognized every May. The purpose of MHM is to raise awareness of the importance of mental health, provide educational opportunites and coping strategies to the campus community, and reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses and help-seeking. Counseling Services invites and welcomes many campus partners to join us in programmatic efforts to promote mental health. 


Movember is an annual event which takes place every November and sees men across the world grow mustaches to raise awareness around men’s health issues including mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. The University of Oregon participates by highlighting ongoing resources and hosting special events with the goals of increasing help-seeking behavior, decreasing risk-taking behavior, deconstructing harmful expressions of masculinity, normalizing open dialogue among men, and identifying positive aspects of masculinity and being a man.

Upcoming Events
Apr 24
Take Back The Night 6:00 p.m.

The Women’s Center is beyond excited to invite you to join *in-person* at our annual Take Back the Night Rally, March and Speak-Out Against Sexual and Domestic...
Take Back The Night
April 28–24
6:00–10:00 p.m.
Erb Memorial Union (EMU) Amphitheater

The Women’s Center is beyond excited to invite you to join *in-person* at our annual Take Back the Night Rally, March and Speak-Out Against Sexual and Domestic Violence.


When: Take Back the Night is on Thursday, April 25th, 2024 starting with the Rally at 6:00pm followed by the March at 7:00pm and Student-Led Speak-Out at 8pm.

Where: Rally begins in the EMU Amphitheater at 13th and University St. followed by an approximately 2.5 mile March from the UO Campus through the streets of Eugene and back to UO Campus in the EMU Diamond Lake Room where the Student-Led Speak Out is held.

Who: The UO Women’s Center in collaboration with the UO Campus Community (UO Muxeres, UO Duck Rides, UO Green and Yellow Garter Band and more).

Thursday, April 25th, 2024 marks the 46th annual Take Back the Night Rally, March and Speak-Out Against Sexual and Domestic Violence event for the University of Oregon Campus Community. Take Back the Night is a yearly international protest founded in 1976 which seeks to raise awareness about the realities of Sexual and Domestic Violence on campus and in the community, both for Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence and those who want to support and bear witness in solidarity. Take Back the Night is a Survivor-Centered event that begins with a Rally in the EMU Amphitheater, continues as a March through the streets of Eugene to symbolize reclaiming people’s safety on public streets at night, and ends with a Student-Led Speak-Out on campus during which Survivors can share personal stories of how Sexual and Domestic Violence has impacted their lives.

The Rally will feature UO Student Speakers from diverse intersecting identities and lived experiences, including the Native American Community, Latine Community, LGBTQIA2S+ Community, International Community, Disabled Community, a Child Abuse Prevention Advocacy Organization and more.

Our theme for this year’s event is addressing the DUALITY that Survivors can hold on their path to healing - throughout both their radical joy & rightful rage - as they ultimately reclaim their power. As well, we will continue to center marginalized communities too often left out of essential dialogue about Sexual and Domestic Violence - despite being disproportionately impacted by these systems of oppression. As always, the Women’s Center is committed to providing this essential event to support Survivors, educate the community and prevent future harm.

ASL Interpretation will be provided at the Rally. This event is wheelchair accessible and will have transportation available during the March and back to Student-Led Speak-Out. We ask that no UO Professional Staff or Media be present during the Student Led Speak-Out portion of the event to provide a sacred space for students to have dialogue circles of peer-to-peer support. Event will take place **rain or shine** (rain is currently forecast) and is free and open to the public. We support and believe survivors in ALL WEATHER! Masks are not required but highly encouraged. Questions regarding Take Back the Night should be directed to Fatima Roohi Pervaiz or Maggie Bertrand at the UO Women’s Center. Contact:

UO Women’s Center Director, Fatima Roohi Pervaiz fpervaiz@uoregon.edu


UO Women’s Center Sexual Violence Prevention & Education Coordinator, Maggie Bertrand,  svpewc@gmail.com