Confidentiality and Privacy Policy


Counseling Services provides confidential psychological services, consistent with the parameters of state and federal laws. Providing confidential services means that Counseling Services staff members do not release your information outside Counseling Services without your permission.

The main, but not only, exceptions to confidentiality may arise in situations involving danger to yourself or others, abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult, responses to lawsuits and legal actions, subpoenas or orders from other tribunals or state agencies, in compliance with state and federal law and UO policy. Additional exceptions may arise, particularly in the context of legal proceedings, in which event you will be notified as appropriate, consistent with Counseling Services staff members’ professional obligations and state and federal law.  It is important to note that if legal action is anticipated or if the university is served with a subpoena, you may have additional protections as described in the Confidentiality of Client/Patient Health Care and Survivors’ Services Information policy.