Coping with Breakups

What is it?

Successful intimate relationships often take on added significance during college. This additional pressure can make the end of a relationship seem like a crisis or trigger a mixture of feelings potentially including anger, confusion, ambivalence, betrayal, guilt, and many other emotions. After a relationship ends, daily habits or routines may be drastically altered and you could experience a lack of motivation or inability to focus. How we respond to the end of a relationship can look very different.

What can help?

Let yourself grieve.

The ending of a relationship can feel like the loss of an important person in your life. Feelings around this can often be painful or frustrating. However, it is important that we allow ourselves to feel these emotions so that we can begin to recover and take care of ourselves. 

Take time for you.

The process after a breakup can offer an opportunity to focus on your own growth and learning about yourself. Taking time to recognize what you learned from the relationship and rediscover yourself outside of a relationship can be positive steps forward.

Talk with others.

Sometimes it is helpful to talk about these things with those close to us or even a therapist. Putting emotions into words can help clarify our experiences and assist us in constructing realistic goals or expectations.

Additional Resources

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