What is it?

Stress refers to our internal response to negative moments or situations outside of ourselves. There are many different things that can cause us to be stressed. Stress is natural and we all have our own way of managing stress. However, stress can accumulate over time if different stressors pile up or we do not allow ourselves time to recover from stress.

Stress comes in various forms. Some stressors are discrete and have readily identifiable solutions. Examples include burning toast, a printer running out of ink, or a car engine not starting. Other stressors are  is more vaguely defined, tends to persist over time, and is not as easily resolved. Examples include family conflicts, financial distress, or a bad relationship.

What can help?

Stress is both physical and mental which means we can lower our stress through physical and psychological strategies. The goal for any strategy is to create more balance in your life. This can look like taking more time to relax, be active outside, or connect with friends. Planning regular breaks or stress management activities helps to keep your stress in check before it becomes overwhelming.


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