Wellness Workshops are offered throughout each term at the Duck Nest. Our workshop topics vary, but they are all intended to help support you and the rest of our campus community by addressing concerns and providing a space for open dialogue. All workshops are drop-in, meaning you do not need to make an appointment or fill out paperwork to attend.

May Mental Health Month Workshops

Thursdays | 2:00–2:50 p.m. | Duck Nest Wellness Center (EMU 041)

May 5: Body Acceptance Tools: Prepare and Practice
Join the Duck Nest to learn about body acceptance and how to engage in body activism on a daily basis. In this workshop there will be an integration of education with role playing to encourage people to engage in real techniques that go into body acceptance!

May 12: Relationship Green Flags
We all hear about the “red flags” in relationships — the things to watch out for, signs of danger and disrespect. What about the green flags? What are the signs of safety and love in a relationship? Come chat with us for May Mental Health Awareness Month about the ways to help build your relationship with partners, and learn the behaviors to look out for that help us feel safe to be vulnerable, trust, and be respected!

May 19: Body Acceptance with Movement
Join the Duck Nest for an interactive yoga workshop that includes dynamic movements and conversations around body acceptance. If you are interested in learning more about how yoga can increase body acceptance, come join! 

May 26: Honoring All Aspects of Yourself through Self-Care
This discussion-based presentation will provide psychoeducation on stress, the various types of self-care, and have an interactive activity of creating a “comfort plan,” for self-care through a multicultural feminist lens. Students will be encouraged to be reflective on their own experiences of stress and how they currently cope through discussion prompts as a means to build community support.

Wellness Workshop Playlist on YouTube