Coping with Change

What is it?

Change can come in many forms. It can be moving to a new city, graduating, or any number of other things. Change can often be difficult to handle because it makes us feel uncomfortable and possibly vulnerable. The newness of situations can feel overwhelming and your emotional response may feel very intense.

What can help?

Remember past changes
When going through a period of change, it may be helpful to remember that you have been through other changes. It may have been different, but you were still confronted with new situations and possibly similar reactions. This can be helpful to provide perspective and reassurance that the change will not last forever.

Listen to your thoughts, feelings, and reactions
We can often choose to reject our reactions to change and not recognize them. However, taking time to listen to how you are feeling or reflecting on your thoughts can provide insights that could help you during the adjustment.

Talk to someone
It may also be better to share your reactions with someone. Keeping fear locked up inside of yourself only helps it grow in intensity and impact. Putting your feelings into words can also help you analyze how you are feeling and understand your reactions to change.