What is it?

There are different kinds of loneliness. Feeling lonely can come from a place of feeling as though you don’t have any friends, feeling unseen or unknown by those you know, or difficulty feeling "okay" when alone. Sometimes this feeling of loneliness comes from false beliefs about ourselves such as “if I’m alone, then something must be wrong with me.” Internalized views about happiness requiring people around us all the time can also lead to feelings of loneliness.

What can help?

There are a variety of strategies for addressing feelings of loneliness. You can look for new places to be involved and join campus activities. There are many clubs and organizations across campus that could fit one of your interests and provide opportunities to meet new people. In addition, you may want to address some of your internalized views or beliefs by exploring the discomfort we might feel when being alone. Evaluating how we feel about ourselves when we are alone or acknowledging your preference to be around one or a few people versus many can help us better understand ourselves and be more comfortable with being alone.


We offer a variety of services where students can explore cultivating healthy relationships. Browse our services here.

One popular group therapy option is called Creating Healthy Relationships for students who are interested in learning about their relationship with themselves and with others in their lives. Learn more here.