Supervisory Staff

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Alisia Caban

Alisia Caban, PhD

Associate Director, Clinical Director (she/her)
Brett Vicario

Brett Vicario, PhD

Training Director, Assistant Director (he/him)
Jingquing is a member of the counseling center.

Jingqing Liu, PhD

International Student Specialist (she/her)
Mariko Lin

Mariko Lin, PhD

Assistant Director, Education and Prevention Outreach Director (she/her)
Nikki Chery

Nikki Chery, PhD

Assistant Director, Black and African-American Student Specialist (she/her)
Ron Miyaguchi

Ron Miyaguchi, PhD

Senior Staff Psychologist (he/him)

Current Interns

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Bango Gancinia

Doctoral Intern (he/him)

Carolyn Meiller

Doctoral Intern (she/her)

Monica Becerra

Doctoral Intern (she/her)