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Counseling Services Training Staff

Interns are guided through the program by an outstanding group of supervisors. Counseling Services senior clinical staff provide primary and rotation supervision to doctoral interns. We encourage potential applicants to read through supervision profiles for staff that provide primary supervision to learn more about their professional interests, therapy approaches, and supervision models.

Our Team

Philosophy and Goals

The Counseling Services doctoral internship program in health service psychology is a one year, full-time, stipend program that incorporates: developing conceptual knowledge, applied skills and competence in individual psychotherapy, group therapy, diagnostic assessment, multiculturalism, crisis intervention, clinical supervision, consultation, outreach programming, and professional ethics and decision-making. We help you transition from a trainee to an emerging psychologist by providing experiential opportunities within a model that emphasizes support, appropriate challenge, and reflection. Our center values multiculturalism, our working relationships, and finding some fun in the midst of this hard work.


Counseling Services is a multicultural organization, and as such we strive to integrate our commitment to individual and cultural diversity into all aspects of our service work, agency interactions, and training program. We implement explicit policies and practices that ensure all members of our diverse workforce feel fully included and have every opportunity to contribute to our mission. Additionally, we seek to continually improve our organization by advocating and practicing social justice and seeking out opportunities to develop self-awareness and culturally relevant knowledge.

Commitment to Multiculturalism