Hawi Wako, MA

Doctoral Psychology Intern

Pronouns: She/Her

BA, psychology and family human services (2015)
MEd, prevention science (2016)
MA, counseling psychology (2019)

Professional Interests: My specialty areas include identity development, immigration and acculturation stress, anxiety, depression, adjustment, and interpersonal relationships. I work with students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, students immigrating to the US, first-generation and nontraditional students, and students with historically marginalized identities.

Theoretical Orientation and Therapy Approach: My theoretical orientation is rooted in the interpersonal process and cognitive-behavioral therapy. I place a strong emphasis on the many multicultural variables that shape the experiences and identities of my clients. I firmly believe in viewing individuals not just in isolation but as entities intertwined with their families, communities, and the wider sociopolitical world.

Drawing from impersonal process, I aim to offer my clients a secure foundation, a safe space where they can embark on a journey of self-discovery. With the tools and perspectives of cognitive behavioral therapy, I can focus on how relationships influence my clients’ cognition, behavior, and emotional responses. I have realized the value of using an integrated theoretical approach when working with clients and tailoring this approach to the needs of my clients.

During session, I aim to provide a therapeutic environment marked by collaboration, empathy, and profound understanding. Through genuine honesty and reflective use of self, I assist my clients in exploring and comprehending their recurring interpersonal patterns. Recognizing the profound influence of racial and sociopolitical contexts on individual experiences, I navigate these issues with care and intentionality, ensuring that my client feels understood.