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We are faced with all kinds of challenges in life. It is easy to get caught up in the daily ups and downs. That is why we prioritize self-care and self-actualization to stop, reflect, and reenergize yourself in the midst of difficult times. From writing poetry to meditating or sharing conversation with good friends, self-care should be personalized to what works best for you. Take the time to get to know yourself and be well.


The Path to Self-Confidence

 “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”   Lao Tzu

For the past several years, I’ve been set on becoming a counselor. Part of my certainty may be just because I want a concrete goal that I can work towards. But honestly, I think the biggest reasons are because I’m very interested in the human condition and want to have a positive impact on other people. More than anything, I wish that everyone could be content with their lives. Seeing a happier world would make me happy. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles in the way of this rather idealistic aim, but the one I want to address is self-confidence. Since starting college and trying to broaden my view of the world, I’ve noticed that many people my age, but also much older, don’t seem to have that much faith in themselves. While I totally...

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Caring for Our Minds Through Meditation

In these abnormal times, we are all individually and collectively adapting to a new environment and new forms of stress. On top of that, social media messages push us toward productivity. It’s important to get things done, but we also need to care for our minds in order to do so. Having a calmer mind can help us achieve our own ideal level of productivity and reach our goals. Meditation can aid us on this path.

Even if you have no desire to be productive right now, meditation can improve your mental health. This includes reducing stress, anxiety, and maintaining better emotional health. Considering a meditation practice as a new form of self-care can lead you down a path of relaxation, insight and positivity. (These benefits to the mind...

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Healthy Substance Use Choices During the Pandemic

I don’t know about all of you, but half-way into this term and I am truly sick of being on my computer. Amid the Covid-19 health crisis, it has become harder to cope with feelings of stress, boredom, and anxiety about the future. After so many days of relying on a screen to help me feel connected, to engage in my coursework, and to complete work tasks, I would happily walk away from my laptop for a long while.


I’m currently employed as the Alcohol & Other Drugs graduate employee at the University Counseling Center. So, as I sit here on my laptop for what feels like the gazillionth hour this week, I’m thinking about substance use. I’m thinking about people who, like me, are in need of comfort. We need help to deal with life stressors, such as paying rent or...

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Caring for Our Relationships During A Time of Stress

Relationships can be a source of meaning, joy, comfort, laughter, love, and excitement. Relationships can also be challenging, particularly when we’re in crisis or under increased stress. Social distancing measures necessitated by the COVID-19 health crisis have left many feeling isolated and alone. Others report feeling confused and even surprised by their own emotions or those reactions of their loved ones.

We know that increased social isolation and stress can contribute to and heighten instances of violence and abuse in relationships. If you are in a violent or abusive situation, please review the resources at...

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