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We are faced with all kinds of challenges in life. It is easy to get caught up in the daily ups and downs. That is why we prioritize self-care and self-actualization to stop, reflect, and reenergize yourself in the midst of difficult times. From writing poetry to meditating or sharing conversation with good friends, self-care should be personalized to what works best for you. Take the time to get to know yourself and be well.


Love You(rself) to the Moon and Back: Using Self-Compassion as A Recovery Tool

It is no secret that a strong relationship exists between mental wellbeing and substance use.  Probably at the top of this list is the experience of shame. When talking with students who are struggling with substance use difficulties, shame is often one of the most common and also most painful experiences discussed. Substance use and mis-use comes with a whole host of experiences that aid in the development of this shame.  A few that come to mind include judgment from others, societal stigma and oppression, living in a country that has a long history of villainizing and criminalizing substance use and users, anger at self, and comparison to others. “They seem to be able to keep this under control- why can’t I??” “They go to more meetings than I do- they’re recovery plan must be better than mine.”They have anxiety too, why can they handle it without smoking/drinking and I can’t?” Take a moment to reflect on any other thoughts of negative self-comparison that...

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Am I Doing Counseling Wrong?

“Am I doing counseling correctly?” is a question I’ve heard more than once. My answer is that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do counseling. Honoring your own process and journey is important and although your counselor will challenge you at times, they will work with you at your own pace. With experience, counseling can feel more familiar and even for individuals who have been in counseling before it is normal to still feel unsure of “how to do counseling” sometimes. I mean, the whole counseling situation is a bit unusual. If you think about it, you meet a potential stranger trained as a professional listener with whom you share personal stuff without really knowing them. Of course, that’s not all there is to counseling, but when you think about relationships in general, you both usually share stuff to get to know each other. So, feeling unsure of the counseling experience is OK, and it’s OK to tell your counselor about it. Although there is no right or wrong way to do...

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Being Anti-Racist as a White Person

Since the recent murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd (following countless murders of people of color over centuries after the colonization of the Indigenous-occupied land now known as the United States of America), I have heard my white peers asking questions about ending racism, learning about how to be a better ally, posting on social media, and choosing the “right way” to react. A convergence of conditions has created new possibilities for raising awareness of racism in white people from which we hopefully will never turn back. We have a real opportunity for change.

Let us remember, however, this chance has come and gone before in our history. People have been fighting for centuries to correct the wrongs on which...

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The Path to Self-Confidence

 “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”   Lao Tzu

For the past several years, I’ve been set on becoming a counselor. Part of my certainty may be just because I want a concrete goal that I can work towards. But honestly, I think the biggest reasons are because I’m very interested in the human condition and want to have a positive impact on other people. More than anything, I wish that everyone could be content with their lives. Seeing a happier world would make me happy. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles in the way of this rather idealistic aim, but the one I want to address is self-confidence. Since starting college and trying to broaden my view of the world, I’ve noticed that many people my age, but also much older, don’t seem to have that much faith in themselves. While I totally...

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