Haven Walters, a UCS Student Advisory Board graduating senior, has taken the time to write a message to their peers. Throughout their stay at UO, they have become integral parts of their community through their hard work and perseverance. Here is their reflection, hopes, and dreams for the future after experiencing their lives as a student and employee at the University of Oregon.

My time here at the University of Oregon has changed the way I position myself in the world. I went through various obstacles in my personal and academic life that have prepared me to jump into my post-undergrad career. Finding the confidence to be myself without worry of judgment is an obstacle I continue to face. Through this, I realized that it’s important to ask for help, especially when life seems too overwhelming to fully participate in. Through reading and writing, I’ve gained an immense amount of confidence compared to my freshman-self. I’ll continue to write, whether my words get published or not, because journaling and creative writing has become a therapeutic method for me. It’s the best way I can speak for myself and advocate for others. Although I'll only miss the good times I had at UO, I’m looking forward to what this year has to offer. I’m applying to various jobs--I hope one of them will be a place where I can become a part of another work environment that uplifts and cares for their employees. My experiences working on the UCS Student Advisory Board and in the UO Central Kitchen will carry me into my adult life. I’ve learned so much about well-being, communication, and workplace morale. I’m both sad and excited to be leaving, but I’m grateful for the knowledge and skills I’ve learned throughout these past couple of years. I hope everyone has a better year ahead of them and I wish everyone the best.

Graduating seniors worked hard to be where they are now. Throughout the years, they’ve all made an impact on campus through their community involvement, hard work, and academics. We wish them luck on their journey into the post-grad world!