Supporting Our Campus Community

In addition to our in-person services, we provide resources to support our campus community. We curate information about many common concerns on our blog. We also work with many services off campus to provide support for you. Our community is made up of many diverse elements. Each one has its own set of needs and comfort levels. We work to support everyone through our services and collaboration with faculty, staff, parents, and families.

Documentation Requests

We provide serveral different types of documentation to support you. These documentations are provided for a variety of reasons. We may ask you to talk with one of our therapists before providing you with the requested documentation.

Additional Information


We work to provide a range of resources to support the various parts of our community. We know that everyone has their own set of needs and we are dedicated to supporting our entire community. 

Parents and Families

As a family member of a Duck, you are in a unique place. As your student continues to grow and becomes more independent, it can be challenging to know how to be a strong support for them. We have resources to help with the adjustment while still providing them with the support they need.

Faculty and Staff

You are one of the many support systems for our community. You interact with students in a variety of capacities and have the opportunity to support them. But it is important to also make sure you are taking care of yourself. Our resources aim to assist you in supporting students and connect you with services for your self care.


College can be a challenging time. It can feel overwhelming and be difficult to find the right place to connect to resources and services. We are here to support you through whatever challenges or concerns you may be facing. Whether you are studying in Eugene or Portland, there are resources for you.