Teletherapy FAQs

Teletherapy FAQs

Is teletherapy confidential?

Counseling Services provides confidential psychological services, consistent with the parameters of state and federal laws. For video sessions, we utilize Zoom (the HIPAA-compliant version) through the UO, which is secured with end-to-end encryption for your appointment. 

Is there a cost associated with teletherapy?

There is no out-of-pocket cost for this service, or any other counseling service. Our services are covered in part by the student health fee.

How can I get started with teletherapy sessions?

Call 541-346-3227 to schedule a teletherapy clinical consult. You can even connect with a therapist/case manager if you have any further questions about the process. 

What support can I get if I am not currently living in Oregon?

All students can access 24/7 in-the-moment support by calling 541-346-3227 and students can access our Online Self-Care Kit, Be Well Blog, Instagram and Facebook pages. We are continuously working on expanding our services, so check our home page updates.

How long does the paperwork take? When do I need to complete my paperwork by?

It depends. Returning clients typically have shorter paperwork (about 10-15 minutes) and new clients have slightly longer (about 20-30 minutes). The paperwork will be emailed to you no more than 48 hours prior to your appointment. Prior to your appointment, you will also receive information on joining your session and steps to prepare for your teletherapy session. 

What if I have trouble completing paperwork?

It is VERY important that you complete and submit the paperwork at least one hour prior to your session. These forms help your clinician tailor your appointment to your specific needs. If your forms are not completed at least one hour before your appointment, your appointment may need to be rescheduled or canceled, and may be subject to the Counseling Services missed appointment/late-cancellation fee. If you have any questions or concerns about completing the paperwork, please call us at 541-346-3227.

How many teletherapy sessions can I use?

Like our other services, there is no session limit. Our center operates on a short-term therapy model and the number of sessions will depend on the nature of student concerns and needs. Learn more about short-term focused therapy.

I don’t feel like I have enough privacy for a session in my home. What options do I have?

If you live with others, ask them to not disturb you. There are also some creative techniques you can use to prevent others from overhearing. Use headphones or earbuds so that your therapist’s voice is only heard by you, place a fan or noise maker next to your door, or find a private area like outside or in a car.

Should I use headphones for my session?

Students are welcome to use headphones during their sessions. We suggest you wait to connect your headphones until the Zoom call is connected.

I’d prefer in-person support. What are my options?

Due to COVID-19 related risks, in-person clinical consultations will be limited to 20–25 minutes in length and all students coming to Counseling Services in-person will be screened for COVID-related symptoms prior to being permitted to enter the building. To ensure the safety of self and others, we do encourage students to schedule a teletherapy appointment unless there is a significant need for in-person support. If you do utilize an in-person clinical consultation, you will be expected to follow CDC distancing guidelines, including maintaining a 6-foot distance from your therapist and wearing a face covering for the duration of the appointment.

I’m interested in working with one of your specialists, like the Latinx student specialist. How can I be connected with a specialist?

We offer a variety of specialty services including identity-based support, Black/African American student specialists, undocumented student specialists, Latinx student specialists, international student specialists, gender support services, and alcohol and other drugs support.

Our specialty services are still available. To get connected with a specialist simply call us at 541-346-3227 and share that you would like to be scheduled with a particular specialist. This includes live video sessions, phone consultations, and ongoing video therapy. 

How can I be super-duper prepared for my teletherapy session?

Find a private and secure location, have a strong technical setup, and make sure you have a stable and reliable Internet connection. Have your phone with you as a back-up in case there are any technology issues. 

If you are meeting with a new Counseling Services therapist for your session, have your UO ID so that you can show it to your therapist. Remember to inform your provider if the address where you will be physically located during your session has changed.