Stipend: $31,000.00 


  • Eight university holidays 
  • 28 days of  vacation leave, 10 of which we ask that you take the last two weeks of internship 
  • 12 days of sick leave
  • Full use of university library (including access to all subscription materials and journals) 
  • Professional Development allowance of $400 for the year and 6 Professional Development days to be used for conferences and dissertation defense
  • $7200 annual/$600 month health insurance stipend, in addition to base stipend, to be used to purchase health insurance or put toward health costs
  • SPSS Statistical package available at UCTC 

Policy on Hiring Current Interns for Permanent Staff Positions

Interns who are currently participating in the University of Oregon Counseling and Testing Center Doctoral Internship are precluded from applying for open permanent positions until after the completion date of their internship. This policy was established, in consultation with the University Affirmative Action Office, to minimize the potentially negative impact of the competing demands of being an intern and being a candidate for a permanent position.

Liability and Malpractice Insurance

Interns who are matched at the UCTC need to carry their own liability and malpractice insurance, and must show proof of this insurance prior to internship start date. Interns can follow-up with the Training Director if they have more questions about that coverage.