All Sizes Fit is a positive body image campaign that aims to increase body positivity and decrease the social pressures associated with obtaining an "ideal body." All Sizes Fit focuses on three principles:

  • Attention: Be in touch with your body and its signals. Your body is excellent at regulating and letting you know what it needs in order to perform optimally.
  • Appreciation: Appreciate everything your body allows you to do and the pleasure it provides. It is because of your body that you can engage in the activities you love and enjoy what life has to offer.
  • Acceptance: Accept all the assets you have rather than longing for what you do not. Much of your body composition is predetermined by your genetics.

It embraces the "Health at Every Size" philosophy which focuses on healthy eating and daily activity instead of weight loss. Instead of dieting or focusing on a specific weight, we encourage: regular activity that is enjoyable, stress management, and healthy emotional awareness and coping.

All Sizes Fit includes an art show, with Duck Store gift certificates awarded for the top creations. For more information, contact Suzie Stadelman, Education and Prevention Outreach Coordinator.

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