Supporting Our Campus

We offer presentations and workshops to support our campus on a variety of topics and issues. Connection to our community is critcal to being effective supporters. Our outreach efforts work to increase student access and awareness of the services we provide, build resilience, and reduce stigma around mental illness. Being involved and present in our community is a vital part of serving our campus.

Outreach Request

We are dedicated to our campus community. Working together, we are able to more effectively provide resources and services to our community and build relationships to support one another. We often collaborate on presentations and workshops with student organizations and our campus partners. If you would like to collaborate with us, please let us know.

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Partnering to Provide Support

We work with a faculty, staff, and student organizations to facilitate presentations and workshops on a variety of topics. These can be beneficial for individual knowledge, but also for helping groups to support each other more effectively and understand new perspectives. If you would like a presentation or workshop on a specific topic, let us know and we will work with you to tailor it toward your interests and needs.


Presentations and Workshops

Connecting on Campus

Managing pressures from social life, our environment, and even from ourselves can be very difficult. It can seem like you are the only one navigating them, but you are not alone in addressing these stresses. We sponsor events throughout the year to help you connect with other Ducks struggling with the same pressures and learn to cope with pressures in whatever ways are comfortable for you. 


Sponsored Events

Prevention Efforts

UO Suicide Prevention Team

The Suicide Prevention Team is an interdisciplinary group that meets monthly to explore ways to enhance suicide prevention on campus. This group also provides suicide prevention trainings open to all faculty, staff, and GEs every term, as well as trainings by request. To request a suicide prevention training please use this form. If you are interested in joining the Suicide Prevention Team, please send an e-mail to the Suicide Prevention Team Coordinator at

Interactive Screening Program (ISP)

The Interactive Screening Program (ISP) provides an anonymous, web-based method of outreach that starts with a brief, confidential online Stress & Depression Questionnaire that students are invited to complete. A therapist at the Counseling Center then reviews the completed questionnaire and the students receive a personal written response, offering options for support and access to services.

Oregon College and University Suicide Prevention Project

The Oregon College and University Suicide Prevention Project (OCUSPP) is a joint effort by colleges and universities in Oregon to reduce suicide risk on our campuses. The consortium grew out of collaboration supported by the 3-year Garrett Lee Smith federal grant in 2005. In 2008, we sought and obtained funding from member institutions to continue our work. We promote best practices in suicide prevention and help member campuses enhance their prevention efforts through consultation, collaboration, and trainings.  We advocate for policies and procedures that will make our campuses safer. The UO has provided directorship and administrative support since the consortium began.