The Student Advisory Board (SAB) for the Counseling Center at the University of Oregon serves by enhancing our initiatives and supporting our services available to UO students through, advocacy, feedback, and engagement. Members of the SAB represent the voice of our diverse student body and support us in providing the resources and services that are relevant to our community.

Some responsibilities of the SAB include:

  • Participate in evaluating and providing feedback to improve Counseling Center resources and services
  • Engage in student advocacy to support campus mental health and wellness
  • Assist in research efforts by the Counseling Center to reduce barriers for students in marginalized communities or with underrepresented identities
  • Represent the Counseling Center through outreach and programming efforts
  • Contribute to professional staff interviews and selection processes

Benefits of being an SAB member:

  • Receive mentorship from UCTC staff members especially when considering careers in psychology or counseling
  • Participate in professional development opportunities such as presenting at national conferences or be sponsored for an Alternative Break through the Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement.
  • Network with other UO staff and faculty across campus

The SAB meets every other Friday on the odd weeks of the term from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students. Members have the opportunity to improve leadership, communication, and additional professional skills as well as receive a $250 stipend for each academic term they serve on the board.

Applications are accepted during winter term.