Shuyan Sheng

Psychology Doctoral Intern

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Alma Mater:
MA, University of Akron
BA, The Ohio State University

Professional Interests: I just LOVE to have authentic connections and co-create magical healing moments with my fellow humans in general. I particularly enjoy working with BIPOC or any students who are driven for deep healing or personal growth work. I believe the power of now and have a strong focus on the present moment. I facilitate deep dive into emotional and embodied experiences. I use active experimentation to create new experiences. I’m transparent about my own process and like to use myself as a tool. I am very sensitive to social-cultural influences on health and feel called to help others liberate from oppressive systems and reconnect to their inner power. I also have a holistic and trauma-informed view about health. I use body-oriented approach to work through embodied trauma and cultivate somatic safety/resources whenever possible. I also work within a spiritual framework if spirituality is already in clients’ belief system.

Languages: Mandarin, English

Personal Interests: Chilling, having genuine connections with others, goofing around with people or animals, moving my body however I want, ecstatic dance, growing food and good-looking leafy plants, learning Chinese medicine and Daoism, healing myself.

UO Love: Trees, trees, trees! Mountains, small farms and yard gardens, spiritually and environmentally conscious people.