Ron Miyaguchi

Senior Staff Psychologist

Pronouns: He/Him

Alma Mater: Miami University

Personal Interests: I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about food, some of which actually results in food being prepared.  I particularly like to bake and to explore new recipes/ingredients.  In addition, I like to knit and to spend time outdoors, riding my bicycle and playing soccer.

UO Love: What I love about UO is the sense of community I find on campus. Although the faculty and staff have very different backgrounds and interests, our mutual desire to help students grow is enough to give us a common sense of purpose.

Professional Interests: I enjoy working with students dealing with anxiety and depression, regardless of where these feelings originate. I am also passionate about cultural identity, not only helping students navigate their way through the intersectionalities of identity, but also helping students, staff and community members recognize power, privilege and oppression in our daily lives.

Theoretical Orientation and Therapy Approach: My theoretical approach is a blend of Cognitive Behavioral and Acceptance and Commitment therapies. I like to think of these theories as “cousins” of each other – at first they seem to have so much in common but then at a certain point they are so different as to be incompatible.  For the most part, however, the combination gives me enough of a span to work with most students.

Supervision Approach and Model: Ideally, I believe that everything we do in the therapy room should be guided by our theoretical approach. In actuality, however, there are many variables that create “noise” in the session (and granted, my therapy is still very “noisy”). Everything from our personal histories, our cultural values, or even how tired or hungry we are that day causes separation between what we want to be doing and what we actually do. For me the purpose of supervision is to help recognize and reduce the “non-theoretical” variables so that therapy can become more and more intentional.