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You don't have to specialize in psychology to notice when a student is struggling with stress, sadness, or anxiety. With Kognito you can learn how to best support a student or peer struggling with mental health. Kognito's online, interactive training is evidence-based and will help build your awareness, knowledge, skills, and confidence talking about mental health issues, preparing you to be a resource for students in need.

Kognito uses simulated conversations to prepare you for real world situations. Talking to virtual students struggling with various mental health concerns, you can learn ways to give support and encouragement, bring up uncomfortable or stigmatized topics, and direct students towards other resources on campus.


What You'll Learn


Peer support has long been recognized as important in prevention.

This module is approximately 30 minutes.

  • Recognize warning signs for when you or a friend is in distress
  • Practice talking to a friend you're worried about
  • Feel comfortable using mental health resources on campus


Faculty and staff are in an ideal position to engage in early intervention and prevention of mental health issues.

This module is approximately 40 minutes.

  • Start conversations about mental health with students exhibiting signs of distress
  • Avoid harmful mental health stereotypes when talking with students
  • Refer students to mental health resources on campus and make a warm hand-off to professionals

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