Senior Staff Psychologist

Pronouns: She/Hers

Alma Mater: University of Oregon

Professional Interests: I am passionate about my job as a therapist, and feel truly honored to work with college students. I believe it can be both a place and developmental period where individuals encounter dramatic growth, as well as potential changes within their social support, academics, identity development, and emergence of mental health concerns. My training as a generalist has allowed me to work with clients from a relational, integrative, and strengths-based approach. I have found that this approach has helped facilitate my clients’ development of coping skills, insight, resiliency, and better mental health. I am trained as a generalist, and am also particularly interested in therapeutic work related to trauma, family of origin and relationship concerns, and anxiety.

Personal Interests: I have two wonderful dogs who keep me fairly busy, a partner who keeps me cool by finding a wide range of concerts to attend, and I love TV, particularly reality TV.  

UO Love: The community is by and large the best thing about UO. I also love Eugene’s proximity to the coast.