Joseph DeWitz, PhD

Associate Director, Clinical DirectorJoseph DeWitz

Professional Interests

I enjoy working with a wide range of clientele on a variety of concerns. My clinical interests include, but are not limited to: anxiety disorders, college student adjustment and self-efficacy, identity development, finding meaning and purpose in life, men’s issues and positive masculinity, and people with severe and persistent mental illness.

Theoretical Orientation and Therapy Approach

I tend to view work, and life for that matter, through a humanistic and existential framework. I believe most people are motivated by a desire to find meaning in their lives. People with a greater sense of purpose in life experience greater satisfaction and tend to manage stress and challenges more effectively. In my work with clients, I draw heavily on ideas from the areas of solution-focused therapy and rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) while always striving to respect individual differences. I take a holistic approach with clients, in that I believe there are often multiple ways to address problems through different areas of clients’ lives. I also believe in a collaborative approach that empowers clients to make changes for themselves. Additionally, I enjoy exploring the uses of humor in the process of positive change.

Supervision Approach and Model

When providing supervision, I believe in tailoring my approach to the interests and needs of each supervisee. My style with supervisees tends to be less structured and more open-ended. However, I find it helpful to have a clear idea of each person’s desired outcomes and goals. On a practical level, most people benefit from viewing tapes of their clinical work as part of the supervision process.