Sponsored Events

The Counseling Center sponsors many different events throughout the course of the academic year. We collaborate with a variety of campus partners to create engaging events to support you and promote wellness on our campus. 

All Sizes Fit

All Sizes Fit is a positive body image campaign at the University of Oregon that aims to increase body positivity and decrease the social pressures associated with obtaining an "ideal body." It embraces the Health at Every Size philosophy which focuses on healthy eating and daily activity instead of on weight loss. Instead of dieting or focusing on a specific weight, we encourage regular activity that is enjoyable, stress management, and healthy emotional awareness and coping. Everyone's body is unique and we want to encourage you to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Stress Less

Academics are stressful for any of us, especially toward the end of the term. Stress Less is designed to create opportunities for you to explore different ways to self-care and find techniques to de-stress during some of the hardest parts of the year. These events are hosted during week 10 of fall, winter, and spring terms. Everyone deals with the stress of classes differently, but we are here to support you through those times.