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Veteran Students


Dear Veteran,

Welcome to the UCTC! Thank you for your service to our country! We are here to support you. Vets who are students at the UO in the Eugene area have some options for counseling (e.g. VA Clinic, Vet's Center, and the UCTC). Check out the information for veteran students on our web site for ways that we can helpful and how to contact us and other resources.

Whether this is your first quarter or you’re a few months from graduation, the transition from the demands of military life to those of the university usually creates a significant amount of stress. From hanging up the cammies to putting on the civies, setting down the ruc sac to picking up the book bag, and trading in your “deuce gear” for pens and paper, leaving the all-encompassing “Green Machine” for the classroom is no easy task. Many of you are returning from war-zones; the amount of stress from that experience added to what you must already face is, often, immeasurable and overwhelming.

Transitions are hard. And the bigger the transition, that harder it can be. Adjusting to a new life often brings up a lot of stuff for people. You may find yourself having difficulties with things that have never been a problem before. Or you may find yourself not knowing how to structure your time anymore. Or you may just not feel like yourself. These are all parts of transitions that can be tough for folks, and we are here to help.