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Veteran's Resources


United States Department of Veterans Affairs:  The following sites are parts of the Veterans Affairs main site that may be of special interest to returning veterans.

Resilience Training: Transitioning from Combat Discusses how attitudes and skills developed in combat can be altered to achieve success and happiness in civilian life. 

The Road to Resilience: This article from the American Psychological Association describes resilience and some factors that affect how people deal with hardship. Much of the brochure focuses on developing and using a personal strategy for enhancing resilience.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars:  This group provide support to veterans returning home from combat.  This site offers information for student veterans regarding available scholarships and financial assistance programs.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Resources:

Books of Interest:

Returning veterans are entitled to medical and psychological services, free of charge, from the Department of Veterans Affairs for two years after their return or longer if necessary. Oregon state veteran students can contact one of the following facilities for assistance in Eugene.

Community Based Outpatient Clinic
100 River Ave.
Eugene, OR 97404
Phone: (541)-607-0897
Fax: (541)-607-7573

Eugene Vet Center
1255 Pearl Street Suite 200
Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: (541)-465-6918
Fax: (541)-465-6656

Further information for each of these and other facilities in Oregon and around the country are available through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The UO Counseling and Testing Center Services for Veterans

Returning veterans who are having difficulty managing intense reactions to their combat experiences and/or functioning in daily activities should contact the University Counseling & Testing Center (541-346-3227; 2nd floor of the Health Center). The goal of the UCTC is to offer the support and services that will ease the transition of returning veterans to college life at UO and, when necessary, to provide referrals to other UO and community resources. Clinicians can help veterans identify, prioritize, implement strategies to address their specific concerns and challenges. To learn more about accessing the UCTC and our services, please check out the UCTC Web site.