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Accessing Services


 How Do I Make an Appointment? 

Step 1 — Contact

Call the UCTC at (541) 346-3227 and tell the receptionist you would like to talk with a counselor.  Our front desk staff will schedule a 15-20 minute brief phone assessment for you with a counselor. These appointments are typically scheduled to occur within 24 hours.

Step 2 — Brief Phone Assessment

During the brief phone assessment, a counselor will speak with you about your individual needs and discuss potential services and resources.  At the end of this conversation students may be recommended to come to our office for an in-person assessment to further discuss your needs.

Step 3 — Scheduling an In-Person Assessment

If an In-Person Assessment is recommended, you will be transferred to the front desk staff for scheduling.  Your assessment will be scheduled for the next available appointment time that also fits your schedule.

Step 4 In-Person Assessment: Arrival

Arrive  15-20 minutes early to fill out paperwork.  You will need your UO Student ID card to check-in. 

Please Note: There is a $25 missed appointment/late-cancellation fee.  All appointments must be cancelled by 1:00pm of the previous day (or by 1:00pm on Friday for a Monday appointment), to avoid charges for a missed appointment or late-cancellation.  A missed appointment fee may also be incurred if arriving late results in a canceled or rescheduled appointment.  Missed appointment and late-cancellation fees will be billed to the student’s UO account.

Step 5 — In-Person Assessment: Meeting

During the appointment, a counselor will review your situation and needs, answer any questions you may have, and help you determine next steps.

Your counselor will help connect you with different resources for counseling and support. Some options include:

  • Individual counseling at the UCTC
  •  Group counseling at the UCTC
  •  Referrals to counselors or counseling agencies in the community
  • Referrals to health, medical, and psychiatric care
  •  Referrals to other campus resources
  •  Referrals for specialized care

Step 6 — Connect 

Based upon what you and your assessment counselor decide, Step 6 may look different depending on your unique situation.

For a student receiving services at the UCTC, your assessment counselor will help match you with a staff therapist for counseling.

Our counselors work with UO undergraduates, graduates and professional students with a wide variety of personal, psychological, and academic concerns. 

Click here to learn more about individual counseling.


Note about referrals:  Referrals to a community therapist might be appropriate if it seems a student would benefit from longer term therapy, the concerns presented require an expertise or treatment modality not available at the UCTC, or if there is a waitlist for ongoing sessions and a student’s needs are time sensitive. If a referral is indicated, counselors work closely with the student to identify resources or community therapists/treatment centers that would be a good match in regards to the needs and financial means of the student. Counselors gladly assist students with contacting community therapists/agencies to set up first appointments.