David Espinoza

Title: Assistant Director, Testing Center Director

Alma Mater: Pomona College

Professional Duties: I am responsible for program development and resource coordination, supervision of testing office personnel, test administration and scoring and reporting, budgeting for testing area, compliance with testing agreements and requirements, and quality control. I serve on the IntroDUCKtion Steering Committee, am an elected member of the University Senate, an ex-officio member of the University of Oregon's Officer of Administration Council, and currently serving on the University Senate’s Task Force to End Sexual Violence and Support Survivors. Additionally, I am a member of the National College Testing Association where I serve on the Universal Access in Testing Committee, the Ad-hoc Distance Learning Committee, and I serve as Chair of the NCTA Webinar Committee. I am a recipient of the 2014 UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration.

Personal Interests: I serve on the Riverfront School Quality and Program Improvement Committee and am a board member for the non-profit Books to the People.

UO Love: Having worked at the University Counseling and Testing Center for over 25 years, I can say without hesitation that I love the support, commitment, and friendship I have experienced and received during my time here.